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Nigeria Centre for Disease Control - March 2020 Edition

ABOUT NCDC Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is Nigerias national public health institute with the mandate to provide a healthier and safer Nigeria through the prevention and control of diseases of public health importance. It is focused on protecting the

Pre-epidemic preparedness and the control of Lassa fever in Southern Nigeria

Nigeria EVD free, most control arsenals were relaxed, isolation and quarantine structures were dismantled and preventive efforts such as provision of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) for the use of the vulnerable health care workers were not sustained.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is currently coordinating a national working group that is assessing and managing the risk to Nigeria. We are in close communication with our partners including the World Health Organisation, who are in Congo to monitor and respond to the situation.


3. VHF endemic countries: Ebola virus disease is endemic in Western, Central and Eastern Africa; outbreaks have occurred in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Uganda, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cote d

WHO Lassa Fever Nigeria

1/3/2018· Lassa fever is endemic in the West African countries of Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo and Nigeria. As of 22 February 2018, 10 suspected cases who fell ill in Nigeria were reported in Benin, and confirmed cases have been reported from Beninese states that border Nigeria.

Prevention Lassa Fever CDC

nosocomial routes can be avoided by taking preventive precautions against contact with patient secretions (called VHF isolation precautions or barrier nursing methods). Such precautions include wearing protective clothing, such as masks, gloves, gowns ...

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Safety Nigeria - The Importance of Personal Protective

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) It is critical that you wear the correct PPE is used on all job sites to ensure protection from all Occupational Health and Safety risks within the workplace. Essential equipment include the following but are not

Lassa Fever Outbreak hits Nigeria -

Since November 2015, at least 10 states in Nigeria have been affected by an outbreak of Lassa fever, an acute viral disease that causes fever, muscle pain, hemorrhage and sometimes death. Of the cases reported so far in the Nigerian outbreak, the mortality rate is 43.2%5 although the typical mortality rate is thought to be closer to 1-15%6. Lassa fever is spread through direct contact with the ...

WHO - Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Care

PPE should include at least: gloves, gown, boots/closed shoes with overshoes (and mask and eye protection for splashes). ñ Ensure safety of injections and phlebotomy procedures and management of

Ebola / VHF guidance and resources - NARU

The Ebola virus Ebola virus disease is a serious, usually fatal, disease for which there are no licensed treatments or vaccines. But for people living in countries outside Africa, it continues to be a very low threat. The current outbreak of the Ebola virus mainly affects three countries in West Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Around

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Lassa fever- Nigeria

From 1 January through 9 February 2020, 472 laboratory confirmed cases including 70 deaths (case fatality ratio= 14.8%) have been reported in 26 out of 36 Nigerian states and the Federal Capital Territory. Of the 472 confirmed cases, 75% have been reported from three states: Edo (167 cases), Ondo (156 cases) and Ebonyi (30 cases). The other states that have reported cases include : Taraba (25 ...

List of Safety Equipment Companies in Nigeria -

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News Scan for Sep 07, 2017 CIDRAP

7/9/2017· Pakistan, along with neighboring Afghanistan as well as Nigeria, is one of three countries where wild polio virus type 1 is still endemic. According to the GPEI, small-scale vaccination campaigns were carried out in July in the core polio reservoirs and other high-risk areas, aiming to reach 10.1 million children who are still unvaccinated against the virus.

VHF QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

and appropriate use of PPE when evacuating sick or dead bodies SURVEILLANCE Inform the State Epidemiologist of any suspected VHF case. CONTINUES OVERLEAF NCDC Toll free line: 0800-970000-10 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Health workers confused about Ebola PPE consolidated

By Raina MacIntyre October 19 th 2014 Last update: November 22nd 2014 I am being contacted by doctors and nurses from many countries and settings, confused and worried about differing PPE guidelines. To save emailing links to multiple people, I have ...


Emergency Departments EBOLA / VIRAL HEMORRHAGIC FEVER1 (VHF) INITIAL CLINICAL ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT FLOW MAP 4 and PPE Doffing for High Risk Encounter Disease (ID) S Lassa fever: vomiting, lack of appetite, rash, red eyes

NIGERIA Meeting Minutes - Logistics Cluster

contact [email protected] The ETS is appealing for USD 1.8 million to provide vital connectivity and security telecommunications services in eight operational areas, until the end of 2017, including already established in Maiduguri,

10-1-14 Ebola Program

9/30/2014 4 Signs and Symptoms in Confirmed and Probable Ebola Patients, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone1 Cough 29.6 % Difficulty Breathing 23.3 % 1 Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa - The First 9 Months of the Epidemic and Forward Projections.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was established in the year 2011 in response to the challenges of public health emergencies and to enhance Nigerias preparedness and response to epidemics through prevention, detection and control of

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Infection Control Precautions for Patients with Suspected Viral

Largest outbreak recorded >3000 cases and 1500 deaths since March, 2014 Affected countries: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria Transmission of virus by contact with infected blood or body fluids Ebola Virus Outbreak

Response volunteers in Nigeria Kudos to all of the

28/8/2014· Kudos to all of the volunteers on the Ebola frontlines in Nigeria! For more information on Ebola and what CDC is doing, please visit: ...

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