About us

Lasaf Impex is specialized company in manufacturing the superior quality healthcare instruments to our customers by employing experienced craftsmen, professional technicians and utilizing advanced production techniques, technology & equipment’s


“Precision tools for Professionals” is how our customers recognize our quality. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer value, by providing quality health care products and services which consistently meet the needs of our customers, both internal and external. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, our services, our business processes and our business relationships. We will accomplish these objectives by creating and maintaining a quality-focused environment, while deploying our Quality Assurance approach with our valued customers, employees and community


Quality products at reasonable prices" is how our customers describe Lasaf Impex. Lasaf Impex is located in  Italy. Italy is renowned all over the world for its manufacturing trade of healthcare instruments and sport goods so this gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the area's best manufacturing techniques for healthcare instruments.

Currently we supply our products to United State, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Thailand, Japan, United Kingdom, etc, and are in the process of expanding our distribution worldwide.

The founder of Lasaf Impex has been in the healthcare manufacturing industry for last 25 years with his forefathers who are specialized of manufacturing general forceps instruments which they have been manufacturing for last 40 years. He inherited manufacturing techniques that are significant to produce quality instruments. Lasaf Impex is equipped with best systematic production line, combined with experienced craftsmen, professional technicians, modern technology and equipments.


To be modern, progressive and credible organization for maximizing customer satisfaction by providing superior quality instruments, service and developing loyal relation 


Continuously improving products’ quality with dynamic environment through utilizing modern techniques, equipments and technology for meeting customer’s need and maximizing stake holder's value, Lasaf Impex sees its customers as a business partner to reach mutual goals


Integrity, Professionalism, Courtesy, Responsiveness, Fairness & Teamwork

Custom Design Instruments

Lasaf is a specialized company in manufacturing custom design instruments and offers Original design manufacturing (ODM), Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) and Original equipment Manufacturing services 

Submit all custom design requests to the Lasaf Impex including, an actual samples and/or a detailed written description that includes all dimensions and measurements. For examples: bend angles, point width, length, radius, bevel angles, handle design, special material, requirements etc